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About Us

Our team is made up of design & real estate professionals in the high-end residential industry.

Our company story

L: Life
L: Loyal
A: Art
N: Niche
O: Organic

Llano Developments Inc. is a custom home builder and developer; designing and building is our passion and expertise. Our team is made up of design and real estate professionals well-versed in the high-end residential industry of BC’s Lower Mainland. We provide a wide variety of technical services throughout the lifecycle of your dream home, from land selection and acquisition through custom design and building.

We can also take care of your post-construction needs, including future renovations and property sales. These core values are embodied in our company motto: Leave the Details to Us. At every step of the process, we maximize the importance and value of the design to ensure the project’s ultimate success.


Together we build Quality homes.

Larry Cheng

Founder / Realtor

Larry Cheng, MBA, the co-founder of the company, is a licensed realtor in BC. Before becoming a realtor, he worked for Concord Pacific Developments as a customer care officer. This position taught him what clients care about and what they really needs. Additionally, he has accumulated more than 10 years’ experience of successful real estate investment in China, which lends a precise and comprehensive edge to his local market strategy. Larry is very friendly and customer-oriented, and is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. His professional expertise, multi-lingual skills, and personal approach will add incredible value to the selection and building of your dream home.

Leo Li

Founder / Project Manager

Leo Li, the founder of the company, is a Class 1 registered architect in China. His years working with some of China’s biggest developers as the design manager for several large-scale projects were essential in developing his professional expertise. After immigrating to Canada, he worked for the Vancouver developer of the Trump Tower as a project manager for three years before starting his own business. As an architect and project manager, Leo recognizes the critical importance of design, and works very closely with local architects to integrate this fine art into each and every construction detail.

Jason Gao

Project Coordinator / Realtor Assistant

Jason Gao, major in accounting, is working as a project coordinator in the LLANO Developments Inc. Before he came to the company, he had multiple years customer service experiences in the one of world largest retail chain.  Jason is passionate about his career in this development company. He provides useful ideas and points out the details the company needs to focus during the whole process of the building development. Also, he is excellent in analyze the trends of the market and realize how people taste changing nowadays. He believes at Llano, design has always been about great ideas and those ideas then are developed with the obsessive dedication to detail. In the end we will have designed an experience and really feels like how those experience brought to people’s daily life.

Mr. Bonjour

SSO / CFO (Cuteness Fun Officer)

Our company’s ambassador, became our family member on 31st May, 2019 when he was only 2 months old. He brought endless joy as well as the accompany to us and our clients. He is indeed our cheerful Site Safety Officer and CFO (Cuteness Fun Officer).


What are our clients saying?

Joe Sim

"Leo and Larry have many years of industry experience. They offer a full set of services from managing design, construction and sales. They are a real full service team and you won’t be disappointed working with them. "


"They are an experienced team that will be able to provide a full set of services from designing, building and more.
Leo is great to work with. He has a keen sense of the details and brings a great level of quality to all his projects. "

Charlie S

"I decided to go with LLANO Developments mainly because I like what I saw in their portfolio. Working with them I am very pleased with their work and they did a fantastic job. We appreciate how I was given a realistic view of the project cost and the core competition of design and quality control was excellent. Overall, a 5-star experience for great customer service and the whole package – my kitchen, living room, and bathroom look great! Thank you guys! "


"I wanted to share my fantastic experience with Llano Development with you. I highly recommend Llano Development Ltd for their honesty and professionalism. I am very grateful for the work and effort shown by them in helping me and my family with the biggest change in our lives. My family and I were so overwhelmed with the whole process of buying a house. We did not know whether we wanted to purchase land and build up a house, or if we wanted to purchase a move-in ready home. We were not prepared and did not know how to budget for this endeavor. When we met with Llano Development consultants, they were very professional and provided so much understanding and care about my family’s concerns throughout the whole process. Information and ideas were presented to us in a clear and concise manner in accordance to our budgets and needs for the house we purchased. I can honestly say I considered us as troublesome clients, always making last minute changes, but Llano Development Ltd were patient and honest in guiding us through our decisions. My family and I are very grateful for the help in doing inspections and renovations to make our house as close to our ideal home as possible, and of course it was always in consideration of our family’s needs. Now we are enjoying living in a home we have worked really long and hard for all thanks to the efforts and professionalism of Llano Development Ltd. "